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Hand made and designed by German glass artisan Michael Schwarzmüller, these pieces are created from tough, heat resistant Borosilicate glass. Suitable for both hot and cold beverages and food these unique items will make the perfect discussion piece at your next dinner party!

3012-10 Chilo Desert Cup

Nuts, chips and dips, fresh salads and creative desserts, the chilo dessert cup will impress you with its enchanting presence

Set of 4 Ø 75mm, height 75mm

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3007 Clara Bowl

Cook in the oven, serve straight to the hot, cold and flambee desserts...from souflée to sorbet!

Set of 4 Ø 95mm, height 45mm

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3010 WWW Glass

Wine, Water, Whiskey...the bulbous drinking vessel always makes a good figure.

Set of 6 Ø 75mm, height 65mm

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3011 Organic Tea Glass

The organic glass cup loves hot tea ond soft drinks... perfect for any refreashing drink.

Set of 6 assorted Ø 70mm, height 110mm

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30621 Cremant Champagne Flute

Elegant champagne flutes for all occasions

Set of 6 volume 150ml, height 250mm

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3009 FIFI

Delicate espresso glasses

Set of 6 assorted volume 75ml Ø 55mm, height 70mm

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3008 FIFO

Cappucino glass

Set of 6 assorted

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4010 Milk Pitcher

Perfect for serving cold milk and sodas as well as hot tea and wine.

Set of 6 assorted volume 330ml Ø 80mm, height 120mm

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3012-12 Chilo Desert Bowl

The flat chilo dances on transparent legs...

Set of 4 Ø 140mm

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3310-40 Chilo Amuse

Double walled bowl suitable for hot and cold. Dishwasher safe.

Ø 115mm, height 65mm

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4038-1 ZigZag Vase

Artistic vase with single row decoration.

Ø 70mm, height 140mm

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4038-3 ZigZag Vase

Artistic vase with triple row decoration.

Ø 75mm, height 160mm

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