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Dust Furniture is a collection of studio furniture from craft artist Vincent Thomas Leman.  Vincent has built one-of-a-kind pieces for years, but released this line  to accommodate the demand for  reproducible versions of his work. 

A key part of Vincent's creation process is the integration of function into the form.  He strives to create furniture that is functional to the degree that it may be successfully integrated into daily life, yet--equally important--provides a spark to brighten the routine of daily life. He finds joy in discovering new ways to mix art and life, and to make it accessible.

Vincent's work has been described as 'abstract traditional furniture.'  Each piece is essentially a traditional piece of furniture that is stretched, curved, stacked and stepped to fit his design intentions.  While wood is the material employed to make his furniture, Vincent considers his actual medium to be 'traditional furniture.'  The classical root of each piece helps maintain its identity as furniture and keeps the work familiar and approachable despite the unusual shapes. 

All of our furniture is handcrafted in  the Dust studio in Valparaiso, Indiana.

All Dust Furniture is manufactured to order with individual colour specifications


Stacked Cabinets

Stacked Cabinet No.1 - DF1020
80cm w x 165cm h x45cm

Stacked Cabinet No.2 - DF1021
76cm w x 162cm h x 45cm d

Stacked Cabinet No.3 - DF1022
90cm w x 180cm h x 40cm d

Stacked Cabinet No.5 - DF1060
60cm w x 150 cm h x 40cm d

together we can - DF1120 60cm w x 210cm h x 38cm d

Stacked Cabinet No.7 - DF1240
66cm w x 38cm d x 187cm h


Bookcases 1 - 9

Bookcase # 1 -DF1012
66cm w x 148 cm h x 40cm d

Bookcase No.2 - DF1140
81cm w x 137cm h x 40cm d

Bookcase No.3 - DF1013
91cm w x 132cm h x 40cm d

Bookcase No.5 - DF1027
50cm w x 155cm h x 40cm d

Bookcase No.6 - DF1140
96cm w x 91cm h x 45cm d

Bookcase No.7 - DF1029
76cm w x 134cm h x 40cm d

Bookcase No.8 - DF1031
76cm w x 1116cm h x 40cm d

Bookcase No.9 - DF1050
66cm w x 140cm h x 40cm d

Bookcases 10-12

Bookcase No.10 - DF1140
53cm w x 195cm h x 33cm d

bookcase # 11 "Rift" - DF1210
58cm w x 226cm h x 37cm d

Bookcase No.12 - DF1230 55cm w x 91cm h x 35cm d


Cabinet No.1 - DF1010
66cm w x 90cm h x 45cm d

Cabinet No.2 - DF1018
66cm w x 91cm h x 43cm d

Cabinet No.4- DF1026
55cm w x 152cm h x 40cm d

Cabinet No.5 - DF1036
55cm w x 198cm h x 36cm d

Cabinet No.6 - DF1040
66cm w x 147cm h x 58cm d

Cabinet No.7 - DF1130
71cm w x 180cm h x 50cm d

Cabinet No.8 - DF1150 61cm w x 150cm h x 36cm d


Wine Rack No.1 - DF1011
60cm w x 86cm h x 40cm d

Coat Tree No.1 - DF1170
45cm w x 45cm d x 190cm h

Wine Rack No.2 - DF1016
38cm w x 91cm h x 40cm d



Grace Table- DF1100
50cm w x 72cm h x 35cm d

Spark Table- DF1110
58cm w x 78cm h x 35cm d

Table No.1 - DF1033
127cm w x 48cm h x 66cm d

Table No.2 - DF1037
45cm w x 76cm h x 35cm d

Table No.3 - DF1070
48cm w x 63cm h x 35cm d

Table No.4 - DF1081
104cm w x 91cm h x 35cm d

Table No.7 tall - DF1161
35cm w x 35cm d x 91cm h
medium - DF1162
135cm w x 35cm d x 104cm h
short - DF1163
35cm w x 35cm d x 119cm h

Table No.8 - DF1260
50cm w x 38 cm h x 66 cmd



Grandfather Clock - DF1034
45cm w x 35cm d x 198cm h

Simon Says Clock - DF1090
20 cm w x 40cm h x 4cm d

Clock No.3 - DF1190
33cm w x 78cm h x 5cm d

Mantle Clock - DF1200
26cm w x 11cm d x 34cm h

Clock No 5 - DF1250 35cm w x 38cm h x 5cm d



Mirror No.1 - DF1014
53cm w x 76cm h x3cm d

Mirror No.2 - discontinued

Mirror No.3 - DF1032
35cm w x 43 cm h x 3cm d

Mirror No.4 - DF1180 93cm w x 63cm h x 4cm d

Mirror No.5 - DF1280 66cm w x 180cm h x 6cm d