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Faye-Ligui is a new designbrand, launched in Belgium in 2010. Started by Designer Wim Maex covering a wide range of stainless steel products with a focus on kitchen and office design.

All products are handmade. Therefore quality is our goal. Seeking the right manufacturers, following the product chain and quality control is an important part of the company 'Faye-Ligui'.

Faye means trust. Trust in our quality. Ligui means literally 'come back beauty'. High quality aesthetic design is our goal.

The butterfly is a symbol of the long maturation process of an idea to design and eventually to 'Faye-Ligui'

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"Drop" Salt & pepper Shaker Set

Salt and pepper shakers in a mirror polished finish.

Inspired by the purest element of our existence: the water drop. Just as salt and pepper taken for granted.

The shakers' large and concealled opening makes it easy to fill and to clean.

Seeing them all together ... What are they up to? Looks like a conspiracy.

-The shakers are made of stainless steel 304.

-Technique: investment casting (lost wax)

-Ø 4.5cm x 7.8cm

Garlic Press

For garlic lovers: not only healthy but also delicious in all your dishes.

The semi-circular fluid motion, gives strength, balance and simplicity to the garlic press. An object  that you want to use, just hold or simply leave exposed  to enjoy.

-Our garlic press is made of stainless steel 304.

-Technique: investment casting = lost wax

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Tea Infuser

This tea infuser is an aesthetic and functional solution for making tea.  Easy to fill, to empty and to clean by its removable lid.  By removing it, the infuser can be used as a spoon for extracting tea out of its storage jar.  Also a tea bag can be placed inside. 

This tea infuser can be used to stir.  The small hook provides you with stability and grip while handling the infuser but its primary function is for hanging it on the edge of your tea cup or mug. 

-The infuser is made of stainless steel 304.

-Available in a mirror polished and satin version.

-Technique: investment casting (lost wax)

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"Hulu" Sugar Dispenser

The "HULU" has long been a complex symbol of good fortune and magic power in chinese and japanese culture.

"Hulu refers to the numbers 6 and 8, symbols for happiness and wealth in chinese and japanese cultures."

This Beautiful form in mirror polished stainless steel (18/10) reflects your interior, part of your life, in a subtle way. The simple, yet powerful round shapes gives you a table decorum you can not resist. Adding sugar to your coffee is never boring.

The sugardispenser is equiped with a moveable ring that makes it possible to controll the sugar flow. (see additional images)

-"Hulu" is made of stainless steel 304.

-Technique: investment casting (lost wax)

-Ø 9cmx x14.5cm

"Hulu" Salt and Pepper Shaker

"Hulu refers to the numbers 6 and 8, symbols for happiness and wealth in chinese and japanese cultures."

This hulu is in fact a double dispenser for pepper and salt. The salt is stored in the bottum part (exit 5 holes) and the pepper in the top part (1 hole).

-"Hulu" is made of stainless steel 304.

-Technique: investment casting (lost wax)

-Ø 5cm x 9.1cm

"Dillion" Bottle Opener

A mysterious form which hides its true function.

At first sight you can't imagine what it is. Functional it is, it does what it is designed for: opening your bottle from every side and direction.

Its cool design makes it pleasant to watch, nice to hold and strong to use.      

The electro-polished and then sandblasted inside contrasts nicely with the shiny surface.

-"Dillion" is made of stainless steel 304.

-Technique: investment casting (lost wax)

-Ø 8cm x 1.8cm

"Kangaroo" Corkscrew

-Our kangaroo - corkscrew is made of stainless steel 304 and silicon rubber.                                         

-Technique: investment casting = lost wax

-18cm x 25.5cm

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"Smiley Face" Bottle Opener

On this bottle opener you're in love.

Take it in your hand and you are invited to laugh.

-"Smiley Face" is made of stainless steel 304

-Technique: investment casting (lost wax) 

"Pyramid ball" - paperweight (15cm)

"Pyramid ball" - keyring

"Pyramid ball" - letter opener

"Stylish Chair"

Crashed Paper Plane - WALL HOOK

Remember being young? Folding your own paper planes with your friends, mum or dad...Look how far it flies!... But eventually always crashing against the wall. These colorful folded iron planes are lasting memories and above all functional as a coat hook. Mountable on your wall, in a single or multiple way.

Designer : Wim Maex

Folded iron planes, powder coated in the colours yellow, red, green and white

Faye-Ligui Stockists

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