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As the German market leader in gift items and glasses, today LEONARDO is one of the most popular glassware brands in Europe and is active throughout the globe. With a range of more than 2,000 products, and 400 new ones launched twice every year, LEONARDO delights its many customers. Our popular glassware is produced around the globe. Our products are merketed in over 4,727 points of sale around the world. In ermany through our own branch network of over eight stores, 14 franchise stores and over 2,840 other retailers. LEONARDO products are available in 88 countries worldwide.

Within the German market, brand awareness is between 70 and 80%. According to a survey conducted by Stern, almost two thirds of Germans, distributed evenly across all age and target groups, possess LEONARDO products. This is more just a case of widespread sales as a result of clever marketing. It goes beyond excellent quality at an affordable price. It isn’t even just about our designs, which consistently capture the spirit of the times. LEONARDO is a philosophy ­- the philosophy of inspiration.

Ooh! Magico... our new magical members! Bright and colourful espresso and cappuccino cups change their colour in contact with heat. They really cheer you up, and they make great gifts…

Available in Espresso size in 5 colours ways: Orange, Red, Blue, Green and Apple.

Latte Size available in Red, Green

Each is individually gift boxed and includes the saucer.

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