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That's Italia

A new collection of funny, useful pieces, recreating suggestions and emotions for an everlasting memory of Italian life-style.

Homewares and designer pieces evoking memories of a great time in Italian history, that perhaps still belongs in us all !

Fiat metal front

Placemats, 30 x 45 cm, made of
high-quality plastic with a
washable surface. Available in a
variety of image.

Wall Clock

Round wall clocks, 32 cm, with
metal frame, curved glass and
battery-operated quartz
Battery not included.

Magnetic Clock

Round alarm clock with
magnetic back to be used as
wall, metal surface or table clock; with metal frame and curved glass. Battery not included.

Perpetual calendars

Perpetual calendars, are made of high quality cardboard. Month and date are adjustable by rotating wheels on each side.
Availables individually packaged, in a wide variety of designs.
Size cm 27 x 37.


Gift Boxed can shaped coffee mug

Set of 4 Liqueur glasses in collector gift box


Evoking a periodof bygone, That;s Italia keyring lights.Counter display unit 12 pieces


Tinned Candies

Display with 18 small tin boxes
of assorted candies originals
from Pastiglie Leone.


Sprial Notebooks

Attractive spiral note books, 15
x 21 cm with elastic fastening
band with 80 ruled sheets.


Gift Soap

THSA01 - counter unit (12) individually wrapped , scented soap

Alarm Clock

THAC01-04 bright and colourful bedside alarm clock in four colours. Individual window gift box

Compact Sets

THMI - pocket mirror counter display unit, 4 colours / designs x 8 per display two proportional reflective pocket/purse mirror