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The Vespa, created in 1946 as practical solution to daily mobility, today represents not only an alternative to cars and traffic, or the faithful companion of many journeys and adventures, but also the expression of a unique and remarkable style.

The secret of Vespa is to travel through time and society, changing with it but always preserving its specific identity. The Vespa is still percieved as having its own unique identity, able to move any sort of driver or simply those admiring it.

The roundness of his sides and the balance of the lines express the beauty of the perfect synthesis between simplicity and function. Usefulness and style also characterise the new Vespa product realised by Forme. There acknowledgment of a few up dated specifics, is well combined with the main dynamic charecteristics of Vespa space and time.

These objects are able to be percieved not only as a simple light, control or speedometer but also as "piece" of a Vespa and as such, capable of recalling emotions.

vespa classic gift

VPPS11,12,13 - large headlamp clock, 14cm diameter

VPPS90 - multitool set

VPPS30 - handlegrip torch and light pointer

VPLL01 - large wall clock 40cm, green

VPPS20 - original speedo shape thermometer

VPBB28 - large enameled sign, oroginal mechanics authenticating sign

VPPS70 - large enameld thermometer

VPPS80 - small multitool with lighter

VPPS14,15 - small headlamp clock; 7cm diameter, green and white finish


vespa desk lamp

VPPS51 - large lamp, 67 x 50 x 22cm

VPPS43 - small desk lamp green, 57 x 47 x 17cm

VPPS45 - small desk lamp nero, 57 x 47 x 17cm

all lamps feature dimmer switch, faring frame, headlamp, adjustable. 240v

vespa ceramic

VPCE52 - 4 piece cafe set- logo

VPCE51 - 2 pack espresso set - blue

VPCE61-66 - histoprical mini mug series (avail Oct '11)

VPCE35 2 pack vespa etched mini mug

VPCE21 - 24 - boxed can shaped mug, etched logo , ceramic

vespa keyring, lighter

VPKR10 - display pack 12 horn keyrings, individual boxes

VPKR20 - display pack 12 faring keyrings, individual boxes

VPPS37 - rubber grip torch keyring counter unit 12 pcs, 6 colour pre-mix compbination

VPKR01- vespa scoote 3dimensional metal keyring, individually boxed

VPPS33 - caribiner keyring, metal gift box

VPPS32 - LED light headlamp keyring, gift box


vespa phone and collectable


VPTM01 - display pack 24 phone dangler

VPPI01 - display pack 36 collector pins

VPMO03 - CDU 24 1:32 miniature model collector scooters, die cast.

2 ea of 12 models


vespa pens and pencils

VPDS06 CDU 18 rubber handgrippens, counter display

VPDS03 - CDU with 24 pencil/erasers

VPCO01 - CDU with 16 printed erasers


vespa t-shirts

VPTS06-08 - Grey ladies cotton T-shirt sizes s, m, l,xl

VPTS16-18 - Red ladies cotton T-Shirt sizes s,m,l, xl

VPTS56-58 - Olive mens t-shirt sizes m,l,xl,xxl

VPTS66-68 - Grey mens t-shirt, sizes m,l,xl,xxl

vespa embossed tin gift box, XXL in presenation cylinder


vespa shoulder bags

VPSB - eco leather shoulder bag 26 x 33 x 9cm

VBPSB52-59 - laptop bag eco leather 35 x 25 x 11cm

VPCV11,12 - canvas messenger bag 35 x 6 x 30cm in light and blue

VPSB,02,03 - rounded messenger bag, eco leather 34 x 26 x 10cm

VPSB05,06,07 - NEW messenger bag 34 x 26 x 10cm

VPSC11-14 - small mens shoulder bag , eco leather 18 x 23 x 5.5cm - 4 colours black, red, blue, white



vespa bags

VPTB01 - nylon sports duffel bag 60cm x 35cm

VPSW01-04 - printed ladies stlye messenger bag 30 x 23 x 9cm

VPTR01 - nylon backpack trolley bag 35 x 50 x 25cm

VPTR02,043 - executive trolley bag 37 x 22 x 45cm

VPSD01,02-laptop bag, eco leather 26 x 4 x 34cm

VPDS11,12 - iPad bag, eco leather, battery pouch 26 x 3 x 21cm

vespa perpetual calendars

VPCE - wall perpetual calendars, 27 x 37cm with rotating wheels to adjust date, month, day

vespa office gift

VPRL01 - eco leather keywalletpacl (6) 2 ea - red, blue, black. vespa logo

VPRL11 - mens eco leather wallet pack (6) 2 ea - red, blue, black. vespa logo

VPRL31 - metal printed business card holder CDU (9) 3 ea - red, blue, black. vespa logo

vespa clocks

VPLX - 12 cm magnetic wall clock, boxed

VPLE - 23cm medium sized wall clocks, boxed

VPLT - large 32 cm wall clock, boxed

batteries not included

vespa magnets

VPMT - 5 x 8 cm fridge memo magnets, various designs

VPDS04 - counter pack of 48 die cut carded magnets

vespa metal plaques and cards

VPBL- tin postcards 15 x 21 cm

VPBB - metal wall plaques 30 x 40cm

vespa watches

VPWW - a new collection of wristwatches featuring famous Vespa images as well as the logo, the dial also sports an image of the 1948 "98" model while the design of the silicon strap was inspired by the Vespa handlegrips

Available in mes and womens styles

windo faced gift display box