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Vij5 is a Dutch designlabel with a collection of interior products, characterised by simplicity and the use of existing elements. Its young founders, Arjan van Raadshooven and Anieke Branderhorst, design the majority of the products and actively seek collaboration with other young designers to expand their collection.
Because Arjan and Anieke control all processes of each product from a designer's perspective, the brand has a very personal style and high quality standards.
Correct proportions and a balanced composition; the use of pure, honest materials; clear lines and fine details is what the designs have in common.

vij5 piece of carpet

a piece of carpet

a Piece of Carpet is a mature carpet with a playful charm. The shape and size are adaptable to the interior. Each set consists of a series of puzzle tiles in 5 different shapes. For example it is possible to make a square carpet, a rectangular carpet, a cornered layout, etc.

design | Arjan van Raadshooven& Anieke Branderhorst
in Vij5 collection since | 2008
dimensions | tiles of 32 x 32 cm

available in 4 set packs; XS = 18 pieces ; S= 30 pieces; M = 38 pieces; L = 50 pieces

multiple colour variations available

material | design felt (100% wool, produced without
additional binders, contains no harmful substances
and is odourless), polyethylene foam with antislipcoating,
nylon stitches.
treatment | scotchgard, dirt- and water-repellent
light resistance | class 5 (on scale of 1-8)

vij5 flex vase

flex vase

"Always a vase that fits your flowers" The FlexVase consists of a base part with three different inserts. The inserts can be exchanged to adapt the vase to the bouquet it holds.
Based on the canning jar principle, a practical clip holds the pieces together while giving the vase a simple decoration. The FlexVase is
available in pure white porcelain.

design | Arjan van Raadshooven& Anieke Branderhorst

in Vij5 collection since | 2007

dimensions | basic vase 20 cm high, diameter 22 cm, inserts with a height of 21,5 cm, 13 cm en 11,5 cm

material | porcelain rubber rings and metal clips

vij5 wrapped stool

wrapped stool

Separate wooden parts and approximately 110 metres of rope result in the design of the stool 'Wrapped'. By simply wrapping the rope around
the construction is fixed, without using glue or screws. Every product will be assembled by the designer himself in his workshop in the
Netherlands. The industrial handwork of Floris Hovers is being characterized by simple and clear industrial shapes and constructions.
('Wrapped' is a translation of the word 'Ingewikkeld' in
Dutch where it means both 'wrapped' and 'complicated'
in one single word.)

design | Floris Hovers

in Vij5 collection since | 2009

material | multiplex 12-18mm and 110 metres of rope

dimensions | 33 x 33 cm seating height 47 cm

lloop copper lamp

The Lloop lamp is adjustable in height by extending or shortening the loops of the
electricity cable which come as the result of the wooden pieces. With this the function becomes the decoration, simple and clear with no hidden techniques.

design | Ontwerpduo
(Nathan Wierink & Tineke Beunders)

in Vij5 collection since | 2009

dimensions | ø 281 mm, height 183 mm

material | copper lampshade, 2 wooden pieces, plastic pull relief and 6 metres of textile
electricity cable.

multiple colour variations available
vij5 magnetic wallpaper

magnetic wallpaper

The magnetic Wallpaper creates a patchwork of
wallpaper on the wall! For this project, pieces of wallpaper have been glued to magnetic foil and therefore stick easily on a wall that has been treated with magnetic paint. The product is made out of old paper wallpaper that is getting more and more rare in times of vinyl wallpapers. The
detailed relief and the special use of colors was what caught the attention of Vij5 and makes a little piece already a piece of art ...

design | Arjan van Raadshooven& Anieke Branderhorst

in Vij5 collection since | 2010

dimensions per set | sets of 0,5 or 1 m2 of several mixed patterns. This is a combination of strips of 3,5 cm and 7 cm wide and lengths of 60 cm, 37 cm, 23 cm, 15 cm and 9,5 cm.

material | paper wallpaper, magnetic foil. The supply may change due to the rare source of wallpaper we use. The shown patters are only
meant as example and are available on a first-come
first-served basis.

magnetic wall paint | not included

vij5 table confetti

table confetti

TableConfetti makes a little party on your table!
It is a set of coasters in different sizes which can be scattered over the table.Vij5 deliberately uses their own waste material to produce the
TableConfetti's; in this case the high quality waste material of the project 'a Piece of Carpet'
(see page 27). The colours of the layers and the stitching are therefore based on the available material.

design | Arjan van Raadshooven& Anieke Branderhorst

in Vij5 collection since | 2009

dimensions per set | 1 large circle ø 18cm, 4 medium
circles ø 10cm, 3 small circles ø 6cm, 5 confetti's ø 3,5cm

material | 100% wool felt (scotchgard treated),
polyethylene foam with antislip-coating, nylon
colour | choice of felt and stitching depends on the
available residual material of "a piece of carpet".
Available in one colour combination or as a mixed