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Australian wool for skin care. Harnessing the abundant and sustainable lanolin oil, refining and purifying to medical and pharmacological standards, is LB Lanolin. Now available to the world!

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The end result is a pleasant and well researched range of skin care products for everyday, night and in between use. LB Lanolin contains variously natural jojoba oil, vitamin E, sandalwood, bisabolol, ylang ylang, soybean,neroli, marine collagen, royal jelly, daisy flower and rose geranium as well as a host of natural stabiliser, moisturiser and skin conditioning ingredients.


beauty cream with vit E + jojoba oil

Starting with a healthy dose of Australian Lanolin, refined and purified to pharmacological standards, adding in the natural jojoba oil, aloe vera and natural vitamin E, LB Lanolin Beauty Cream with Vitamin E is designed to moisturise and restore your natural skin tone. Natural rose geranium oil adds a tightening and strengthening quality, and may provide a refreshing and smoothing sensation.

The high lanolin content will enhance the skin's hydration as well as leaving the skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

Available in 100 gram jar(gift boxed), 80ml Travel Tube

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night cream with collagen

Developed with a full night's restorative properties in mind, LB Lanolin night cream utilises the natural lanolin base with neroli and soya bean oils.

Night cream aims to restore your skin in a more relaxed environment, whilst you sleep.Adding in marine collagen and geranium oil to combine to achieve the fabulous results that regular use will achieve for your skin.

Available in 100gram jar (gift boxed) , 80ml Travel Tube

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moisturising cream with placental extract

LB Lanolin moisturising cream is a general skin moisturiser with aloe vera to soften the skin and to protect from UV damage,natural placental extract to enhance the 'body' of the skin as well as vitamin E.

Regular use of moisturising cream will minimise wrinkling and assist in the natural skin restoration that is so necessary as we go about our daily chores

Available in 100gram jar (gift boxed) , 80ml Travel Tube

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day cream with royal jelly and sunscreen

A Day Cream should be effective, non invasive and above all, must be highly subtle in it's scent so as not to overpower one's chosen perfume!

LB Lanolin day cream contains royal jelly for it's natural vitamin, carbohydrate and protein content providing anti-inflammatory and high skin restrative qualities.

Naturally occurring oxide of titanium ( a TGA accepted ingredient used in sunscreens for over three decades)

Available in 100gram jar (gift boxed) , 80ml Travel Tube

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brightening cream with daisy flower

LB Lanolin brightening cream is a highly developed and effective moisturising and skin brightening cream for everyday use.

Based on the natural lanolin and daisy flower extract, which combined with vitamin E, rose geranium oil and alpha hydroxy acids - may reduce wrinkling and signs of ageing, brightening skin blemishes in spots and overall, whilst leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revitalised

Available in 100gram jar (gift boxed) , 80ml Travel Tube

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hand and body lotion with vit E and jojoba oil

LB Lanolin hand and body lotion has been developed with a high lanolin content, jojoba oil and sandalwood oil to provide an overall total skin friendly lotion to soften, moisturise and enhance the skin tone every day.

Ideal for use daily

Available in 80ml Travel Tube

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intensive cream with vitamin E

LB Lanolin intensive cream with vitamin E has been developed to moisturise and soften extremely dry skin parts. Containing in excess of 35% purified pharmacalogical lanolin from Australian wool, the intesive cream is a handy skin restorative

Made with natural ylang ylang oil to promote calmness and to nourish the skin and vitamin E for it's skin restorative powers

Available in15ml Tube

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lip balm with vitamin E

LB Lanolin lip balm has been developed to assist in the maintenance of lip moisture using natural high grade purified lanolin from Australian wool.

Vitamin E is an important part of LB Lanolin's Lip Balm - a natural fat soluble antioxidant that is essential for the maintenance of healthy skin

Available in a slanted tip lip balm applicator tube in clear, anna pink, clara honey and eva red!

Available in15ml Tube

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