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Mint inc

MINT Inc is a design collective founded by Alberto Mantilla, Anthony Baxter and Scott Henderson.  The company was formed simply to create 
an outlet for creative ideas that are generated by the three founding designers in the course of their professional careers when a client commission 
may not be present. The MINT name was chosen because "mint" connotes freshness as in the literal sense of the mint plant,    but also because it has 
industrial meanings, as in the place or source of manufacture and invention.    Mint is "Refreshing".

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SAL778 Salad Song

The Mint "Salad Song" is a set of high quality porcelain vinegar and oil cruets. The geometry of the pure cylindrical vessel is sliced and bent in one direction, forming a pour spout for the liquid inside. The visual interest of this pure geometric idea is enhanced by the singing metaphor that is created simultaneously. When viewed as a set, these vinegar and oil cruets sing to us and bridge a gap between our emotions and an appreciation of minimalism.

RIB776 Bottle Opener

"Ribbon" stainless steel bottle opener:

The "Ribbon" opener's form is smooth, like a river pebble, and it has a continuous ribbon-like loop that is exactly the same on either side, so it can take a bottle cap off in both orientations- top or bottom.

TRI788 Zebra Twin Trivet

The Mint "Zebra" twin trivet set is two trivets in one. The swirling spiral is juxtaposed against a formal square when the two halves are placed together, and they separete easily to expand your trivet coverage under a longer bake ware piece, or allow you to use them at apposite ends of the dining table.

FUL777 Full Contact Spoon & Rest

A clever geometric composition allows the rest to nestle the spoon no matter which side faces up. Like the "Ensalada", the bottom surface of the spoon mates identically with the top surface of the rest.

HUG114 Hugging Salt and Pepper Shakers

The very nature of the “Hug Salt and Pepper Shaker” connotes brotherhood.

The bold use of black and white suggests that we are all brothers and sisters on this planet and we need to treat each other with kindness, compassion and respect.

The rethinking of a salt and pepper set on this level, as well the clever geometric aspect of the design and the inherent ergonomic and storage benefits that it provides all contribute to the design’s universal appeal.

VIN787 Vin Eau

The Mint Vin-Eau Carafe is a 1.5 liter porcelain carafe ideal for serving wine or water.

Two bright red porcelain drinking cups store conveniently in the carafe´s opening, suggesting that the VInEau is not a lonely prodcut but one that is to be shared, a very romantic product.

SUS786 Sushi Plate

As they say in Japan, it's Sushi-time somewhere!! The Mint
Sushi-Time sushi serving plate provides a generous surface for prepared sushi and sashimi which slopes toward the center dipping dimple, ensuring that any excess soy-sauce and wasabi finds its way back home where it belongs.

No double dipping now…

The round shape of the plate and the twin sets of chopsticks invite you to share your sushi with a friend as well as providing convenient storage of the chopsticks when not in use. At the same time, the composition creates a "clock" metaphor which is enhanced further as the sushi is placed about the plate's diameter.
Its always time for sushi with the Mint Sushi-Time!!

FUL779 Full Contact Grinder

A porcelain Mortar and Pestle. The profile shape of the pestle
is coincidental to the inner shape of the mortar, so it produces a "full contact" effect, which is fun to hold, and efficient in it's grinding function.

Visually, it looks as if the weight of the pestle is being enveloped by the mortar in an organic way.

PIG783 'Coink' Piggy Bank

For centuries, the common piggy bank required the user to tediously and laboriously deposit coins one at a time through a thin coin slot. The COINK piggy bank in porcelain allows the user to quickly empty their pockets of change and deposit them in one shot through the COINK's easy-fill funnel.

When the pig is full, just dump out the coins through the same opening. Change is good!

BUD793 TerraCotta Bud Vase

The MINT ""Bud"is a bud vase for displaying a single flower.

The test-tube like chamber in the center of "Bud" is integrated with a traditional terra-cotta flower pot shape. Great for indoor use or for use on the patio or garden.

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