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When more of the same is not enough...

Welcome to the world of PO:, where innovation meets function to create contemporary home accessories at their most beautiful. For every PO: design you see, there is a whole array of unseen possibilities behind it.

Our company name and ethos is inspired by the concept of "PO:" devised by lateral thinker Edward De Bono. It is an alternative way of thinking that helps people to approach problems in a new and more creative way. It breaks down barriers, awakens imagination and asks people to surprise themselves.

PO: keen to provide alternative choice of products with creative, artistic and functional features on the basis of the "PO:" concept to people appreciate and value design. We believe ideas generated from "PO:" concept are endless.

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Paintbrush Stirrer

Nail Wall Hook


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Napkin Binder Clip

Pen Nib Wine Pourer

Bowler Hat Butter Dish


Gift Boxed

Dove Teaspoon Set


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630 Sliced Cold Glass Set

A novel takes on a classic design - this is a beer glass that has been sliced in two places and is starting to slide apart. Or is it?

Bound to be talking point, and useful for holding your beer!


Aquatower: Ø 8.24cm x 25.6cm
Mini Aquatower: Ø 8.3cm x 14.8cm
Sliced Cold: Ø 7.5cm x 17.5cm

Gift Boxed

Ring Series

Insulated Ring Mug

With the Insulated Ring Mug our designers have focused on creating a product that not only looks great in your home, but also takes into account your comfort and safety. No more burnt fingers and spilled drinks - this mug has a two-walled structure to protect your hands from hot drinks and a silicone ring to help you to hold it tightly.

The porcelain Ring Mug is currently available in 16 designs:
601 - Mondri
602 - Nest
603 - Illusion 1
604 - Lattice
651 - Sonar
652 - Dougong
653 - Metro
654 - Illusion 2
655 - Block
656 - Electronics
657 - Connexions
658 - Crossover
14676 - Trencadis
14677 - Onda
14678 - Fragmento
14679 - Mosaico
14687 - Red Folkloric
14688 - Yellow Folkloric
14689 - Green Geometric
14690 - Blue Geometric


Ø 7.5cm x 11cm

Gift Boxed

Ring Series

620 Espresso Set

Another addition to our Ring Mug collection, these great little porcelain espresso cups come in 12 different designs.

The silicone ring around the middle of the cup allows you to hold your hot drink comfortably, without needing a handle.  Enjoy.

660 - Metro Series
14650 - Barcelona Series
620 - Design Series

641 Ring Shot Glass Set

Yet another great addition to the ring series, these frosted glass shot glasses are a great addition to any bar.

Complete with silicone ring for easy handling!


Espresso Set - Ø 4.7cm x 6.5cm
Shot Glass - Ø 4cm x 8cm

Gift Boxed

Ring Series

Ring Carafe

This new series maintains key features of our Ring Collection; it delivers an elegant style with a silicone ring which enable good griping.  Product size fits perfectly with refrigerator compartments.

Ring Salt & Pepper Set

Classic Mondri pattern gives an artistic touch to your table. Made with durable porcelain, Ring Salt and Pepper Shaker is safe for dishwasher use.

Ring Trays

Another eye-catching addition to our series featuring designs by Piet Mondrian, which includes the Ring Mug, Mat and Ring Cutlery Set, this elegant tea tray is simply designed with a raised lip forming the outer edge. Made from top quality plastic, it is dishwasher safe for easy use.

667 - Mondri Carafe
644 - Ring S&P Shaker
346 - Mondri Tray
347 - Nest Tray
348 - Lattice Tray
349 - Illusion 1 Tray


Carafe: ∅ 8cm X 27cm
S & P: ∅ 4.7cm x 6.5cm
Tray: 48cm x 30cm x 3cm

Gift Boxed

391 Pencil Grinder

These unique, innovative Pencil Grinders are beautifully designed and extremely useful in the home. Made of wood and stainless steel, with a rubber paint finish at the top, they are a perfect example of our attention to both form and function.

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705 Clown Egg Holder

These egg cups will put a smile on your face, or maybe not, depending on whether you choose the clown with the smile or the clown with the rather surprised look!

Made from white porcelain with natty black silicone hats, these are a fun addition to your breakfast table.



Egg Holder: 7cm x 9.4cm
Clwn Mug: 9.7cm x 12.3 cm

Gift Boxed

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704 Nail Door Stopper

You may think this large nail has accidentally fallen and wedged itself under the door, but in fact it was designed to do that, because it is a door stopper!

Fun and functional, this ABS plastic and rubber nail is another item in our ‘Humour Series’ - injecting fun into the ordinary items in your home

supplied in mixed 12 counter display unit - 3 ea black, green, pink, blue

703 Can Tab Bottle Opener

Innovation is always at the forefront of our minds at PO: and this handy bottle opener is a great example of the way we think.

Not only is it easy to use, it is also a unique concept – a bottle opener that looks exactly like a can tab. Made of stainless steel, it can open bottles in two different ways and can be taken with you wherever you go.


Door Stop: 5.5m x 13cm
Pen Holder: 8.6cm x 15cm
Bottle Opener: 5cm x 7.1cm

Gift Boxed

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707 Owl Sugar Dispenser

This white porcelain tawny owl is a charming ornament in its own right, but when you twist the head around, as an owl does in real life, you reveal the spout of a sugar pourer.

Perfect for your tea-tray or your breakfast table, it is a lovely alternative to a sugar bowl.

399 Bird Drizzlers

What better way to decorate your dining table than with these two elegant oil and vinegar drizzlers?

Crafted to resemble a pair of love birds, these white porcelain containers have removable heads, with silicone rings to keep them snugly attached when you are pouring the oil and vinegar through their beaks.

706 Salt and Pepper Shaker

Why not decorate your dinner table with something useful? These pretty porcelain blue tits are actually salt and pepper shakers – the bird looking at the sky carries the salt and the pepper bird is pecking at the ground.

A perfect gift for a friend, and why not treat yourself to a pair too?


Sugar Dispenser: 13cm x 6.5cm
Drizzlers: 6.6cm x 16.8cm x 8.3cm; 6.3cm x 14.5cm x 11cm
Salt and Pepper: 10.5cm x 8.5cm

Gift Boxed


709 Bird Creamer

This delicate white ceramic bird is a charming ornament on its own, but if you twist its head, the beak becomes a pouring spout.

A lovely addition to your tea or coffee tray.


Toothpick Holder: 7.6cm x 4.8cm x 9.3cm
Creamer: 7.2cm x 9cm x 13cm

Gift Boxed

374 Cotillion Basket

This new addition to our “Cotillion” series is a finely crafted stainless steel basket. Beautifully finished and intricately designed, the waves of curling steel echo the shape of the petticoats worn by 18th century dancers to perform a French Cotillion Dance.

Chinese culture is also represented here, as a simple metal sheet is cut using Chinese paper cutting techniques and unfolded to form the shape of the basket.

It is a striking, contemporary piece of art that is sure to attract attention.

372 Cotillion Wine Rack

Waves of stainless steel are used to great effect to provide space to store six of your favourite wines. Why stash them away in a storeroom when you can display them so beautifully in our Cotillion Wine Rack?

Cotillion Bowl


Basket: 31.2cm x 30.7cm x 25cm
Wine Rack: 37cm x 26cm x 20 cm
Large Cotillion Bowl: Ø 28cm x 13.5cm
Medium Cotillion Bowl: Ø 23.5cm x 11.5cm

Gift Boxed

617 Cactus Teapot Set

Our Cactus Teapot is designed match our set of stacking Cactus Cups and snack dish.

Made from elegant white porcelain, to complement your existing crockery, this lively piece comes with an innovative pouring handle and a warming dish.  A simple tea-light candle will keep your tea warm for as long as it takes you to drink it.

617 Cactus Cups Set

This unique set of stacking porcelain cups are bound to be enjoyed by your friends and family.  They come in different shapes and sizes, just like people who drink from them, so everyone knows which cup is theirs! 

Made from elegant white porcelain, to complement your existing crockery, the cups come with a matching snack dish and the whole stack can be bought to the table at one time.

619 Cactus Cannister


Tea Set: 15.4cm x 24.4cm
Cup Set: 20cm x 34cm
Cannister: 10.3cm x 15cm

Gift Boxed

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Cactus Series

Cactus Juicer

642 Cactus Tea for 1

643 Cactus Salt and Pepper Set

Made from porcelain.


S&P Set: 5cm x 10cm
Juicer: 15cm x 11cm x 17.5cm

Gift Boxed

Cat Stirrer Set

Another addition to our range of products depicting cats in motion, tis two-piece stainless steel stirrer set has one cat climbing up the spoon, and one climbing down!

Available in white, black or purple.

Cat Spoon Set

Dare to be different with this two-piece spoon set, which is part of a series of products on offer showing cats in montion.

Made from stainless steel and silicone, the spoons come in pair, each one just like a pair of cats playing together.

Available in white, black or purple.

307 Cat Napkin Holder

This black and silver Napkin Holder is a perfect example of the range - sleek and stylish but, as always with PO:, entirely functional.

Stirrer: 20cm
Spoon: 15cm
Napkin Holder: 20cm x 18cm x 5.5cm

Gift Boxed

Fun Egg Cup Cllection

These egg cups will put a smile on your face, or maybe not, depending on which one you choose in the morning!

Will you choose the kind professor egg holder, or the puzzled one?

Will you choose the clown with the smile or the clown with the rather surprised look!

Will you choose the cute smiley chef egg holder, or the one enjoying his food?

Will you choose the guard egg holder with the facial expression, or the one without?

Made from white porcelain with silicone hats, these are a fun and distinctive addition to your breakfast table.

748 - Garder Set
749 - Chef Set
750 - Professor Set
705 - Clown Set


∅6.7cm x 9.2cm

Gift Boxed

Double Walled Mugs

Lift your spirits on a cold grey day with these cheerful mugs!

Your drink will stay piping hot, as the double layer and handy silicone lid keep the heat inside, and the “ear” handles and happy face will make you smile, whatever kind of day you have had.

647 - Viking Mug



Cups: 11cm x 11cm x 16cm

Gift Boxed

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